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"By attuning to the harmonies of number & nature & art & music, one may experience the perfect, primal Order that unites all things."
- Aphorisms of Light

      Daniel Gautier is an artist working in the mediums of painting/drawing, music, and the written word. There is much cross-pollination between his artworks. For his most recent group of paintings, the "Ideograms," he has composed music and created a book of poetry, Songs of Creation, to accompany the paintings.
      In addition to concerts and art exhibitions, Mr. Gautier offers lectures on the subjects of art history, comparative religion, mythology and philosophy. Mr. Gautier's art has roots in the traditions of  Hermetic and Platonic philosophy, symbolist art, Jungian psychology, and the gnostic/mystic disciplines, East and West.
     Daniel has recently released a new CD of solo piano music that provides an interpretation of his illustrated book of poetry, The Sun's Calendar. The poems describe Man and Nature's procession through the cycle of the months and seasons. The book and music use the Sun's annual journey as a means to express the odyssey of the human soul through its cycles of birth, joy, sorrow, love, death, regeneration and rebirth.

    In all his art, his intent is to touch the eternal Mysteries of life and creation, to express the infinite and timeless through finite means.
    Fifteen of Mr. Gautier's books, including Aphorisms of Light, Mysteries of the Christos, the novel, Master of the Guild, and the illustrated children's book, Morgan's Magic Oboe, may be purchased at A description of each book is provided in the "Books/Articles" section of this web-site.
An exhibition of paintings by Daniel Gautier was recently held in the Santa Clara University library. Related lectures and multi-media performances at the university by the artist are listed below and in the events section of this website.


All Art © by Daniel Gautier 2010
Reproduction by permission of artist.

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