Santa Clara University Presents
   Revelations of Universal Order
And Visions of Eternity
        An Exhibition of Paintings by Daniel Gautier
    On Santa Clara University Library’s Second Floor
From March 28 - June 14

        Related Slide Lectures by Daniel Gautier

  April 10:
Concerning the Spiritual in Art:
            And the Secret Language of Symbols & Mysticism

         (Thurs., 4 pm in V&T Room A, 129, 1st Floor Library) 

      April 28:
      Tetragrammaton: The Name of God as Logos,
      Revelation & Key to Universal Understanding

         (Mon., 4 pm in Wiegand Room, Arts & Sciences Bldg.)
 In Conjunction with:
    The Logos/Word as Seed of Creation, 
Divinity and Human Expression
      (Concerning Cosmology, Man’s Descent & Revelation, 
     The Christos/Word, and Cosmic Return)

     A Multi-media Performance of Music, Art, Poetry & Dance 
   Featuring the Art, Poetry & Live Music by Daniel Gautier
   With Guest Poet & Narrator Timothy Myers
Performance at Santa Clara University
  In Dance Bldg. (Std. A), May 15, 8 pm.
          May 15, 8:00, Music/Dance Bldg. Dance Studio A



To Contact Mr. Gautier:

Phoenixwing Productions
PMB 252, 4546 B-10 El Camino Real
Los Altos, CA 94022


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