In the beginning there was nothing but the silence of night and darkness. The Creator viewed the dark stillness and felt alone. Wishing to fill the night, the Creator made the stars and moon and planets. The Creator then fashioned one special star and one special planet. The star was called Puzsol the Sun. The planet was called Gecumar, the Earth.

(Excerpt's from the Children's Book, THE ACORN MAN.)


One day the Sun and Earth began talking to each other.
Gecumar said, "dear brother Puzsol, the Sun. I wish to thank you. I thank you for the warmth of your light. for it feeds all my children, all the trees and plants and animals. I thank you for the light that turns simple seeds into beautiful forests and flowers."
Puzsol replied, "and I thank you, sister Gecumar. I thank you for all the lovely animals and flowers that turn their faces to me every day in adoration."
Gecumar said, "yes, I love every snake and fish and bird that lives in my desserts and lakes and trees. But still I feel that something is missing. I need someone to help love and take care of all my plants and animals.
"You are right," the Sun agreed. "Another creature is need to make this world complete."


So the Sun took a fist full of cloud and fire, and the Earth took a handfull of river and clay. Then they put the four elements into an acorn. Next the Sun mixed it all together with a bolt of lightning. Then the Earth planted the acorn in her soil.


For two days the acorn grew under the dark earth. On the third day a special creature was born from the acorn. This special creature was a man.
The Acorn Man was scared at first. For he faced a wild and unknown world. But Puzsol and Gecumar spoke to him to assure him he was safe.
The Sun said, "fear not. You are our creation and our first human son."
The Earth said, "dear one, your name is Adon-re. And we will love you for all time to come."
These words made the Acorn Man feel happy and secure.
So Adon-re went out to explore the world.
The Acorn Man explored the mountains and rivers and valleys. He touched all the graceful flowers and trees.


Finally the Acorn Man came upon a giant stone. On this stone, bathing in the Sun was a creature he had never before seen. It was long and strong and had neither hands nor feet. Adon-re smiled and greeted the animal.
"Hello there creature. How are you? What is your name?"
The creature was confused by this question. So he asked, "name? What is a name? I am a snake. That is all I know."
"You must have a name," Adon-re replied. "I will call you Cucu-re. But your nickname will be Firesong, because your scales shine like singing flames under the Sun. I hope you will be my friend."
The snake thought about this. He had never seen a man before. Yet this man thing seemed so smart and good natured. It would be good to have such a friend.

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