The Acorn Man and Firesong the snake journeyed through the woods together. After a time they stopped beside a river to rest. There they were startled by the loudest shriek. They looked up toward the noise and saw a most beautiful creature sitting in a tree. It had a golden beak, with wings and feathers as colorful as a rainbow.
Adon-re laughed and greeted the creature.
"Hello, my friend. "What is your name?"
"Name?" she replied. "What is a name? I am a bird. That is all I know."
"But you must have a name," said Adon-re. "I will call you Herican. But your nickname will be Watershine, because your plumes are a brilliant as a rainbow that shines under the rain and sun."
This pleased the bird. She thought it would be good to have such interesting friends and such a beautiful name. So Herican followed her friends along the river, as they all sang songs to the the Earth and Sun.


As the Sun began to set, Adon-re said to his friends, "I am tired. I need someplace to sleep. I have decided to build a house here near the river. This is where I want to live. I hope you will live here too."
The snake and the bird thought this was a good idea. Now they could be safe from the wind and rain, and from the hot and cold. So they helped the Acorn Man build his house. They brought sticks and bark and fronds and rocks. Then they used clay and water to hold it all together like glue.
So they lived happily together for many days.
But Firesong was often away with his snakey friends, sunning on a stone or searching for food. And Watershine was often out flying with other birds, singing her name proudly to the stars and moon and Sun.


Feeling lonely, the Acorn Man went out to explore the forest. He got very thirsty from all his walking, and began looking for something to drink. He found a small pool that was smooth and silver as a mirror. As he bent down to drink he saw his reflection in the water. For the first time he saw what he looked like. It seemed a pleasant enough face and body. But what he noticed most of all was that he was so different from his friends. Why, he had a soft mouth and hands and hair and ears, while they had scales and wings and fangs and a beak.
This Made the Acorn Man rather sad. Firesong and Watershine had many relatives and friends just like them. But Adon-re had no one like him to play with. It made him feel rather alone.


Not knowing what to do, the Acorn Man knelt down and prayed. He prayed to his Father Sun and his Mother Earth, above as below.
"Dear Father Sun and Mother Earth, Firesong and Watershine are my best friends. But they are so different. They play differently. They eat different things. I wish they were more like me. I wish there were other creatures of my kind."
His divine parents heard his prayer and answered Adon-re. The earth quaked and the wind howled in reply.
"Are you sure this is what you want, beloved child?"
"More than anything," Adon-re said.
Puzsol and Gecumar felt sorry for their son. So in a burst of light and a groan of the earth, they granted the Acorn Man his wish.


When Adon-re got home he found two strange creatures waiting for him. They had human eyes and ears and mouths. They had human hands and feet. But one had tiny scales where his beard should be.
The Acorn Man smiled and said, "hello Cucu-re and Herican. I am happy to see you looking like this. Now you can be my best human friends."
But Cucu-re the Snakeman and Herican the Birdwoman were scared and confused.
They asked, "what has happened to us?"
Herican said, "I used to be able to fly to the clouds. I could sing heavenly songs. I could even touch the tops of mountains with my wings."
Cucu-re said, "and I could travel under the earth and shed my skin or crawl straight up a tree."
The Acorn Man replied, "but now you can do even more amazing things. You are now human beings. You can create wonders with your hands. You can paint paintings and build buildings. You can write your own name or even name the stars. You now have almost magical powers. For the human mind can go anywhere and do almost anything."

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